How quickly can I obtain a Golf Australia handicap?

It takes just 24 hours for us to process complete applications and we will email you once we have completed your registration. GolfLink cards and membership packs can take up to 10 working days to arrive via Australia Post.


I have never had a Golf Australia handicap before, how many scorecards do I need to submit?

You need to submit 54 holes of scores. This can be made up of 6 x 9 hole scores or 3 x 18 hole scorecards or a combination of both. Cards must be dated, signed by yourself and your marker who must already have a GolfLink number. To find out more about submitting your scorecards, please click here.


I already have a GolfLink number but I want to transfer to The Social Golf Club?

You just need to state your GolfLink number and your current (immediate past) home club on your application. You don’t need to re-submit any scorecards.


I used to have a GolfLink number but I can’t remember it?

You just need to mark the appropriate box on your application as “unknown” but ensure you state your immediate previous home club.


Who is GolfLink?

GolfLink is the centralised handicap network for all golfers in Australia. All officially handicapped rounds are stored in their system and it is an online system for golfers to be able to check their handicap.


How is my initial Golf Australia handicap calculated?

Once you have submitted three scorecards we upload them into the GolfLink system. Your initial handicap is calculated by multiplying the difference of your best three scores against Par by 0.93. The Social Golf Club does not personally allocate Golf Australia handicaps, we only submit your scores.


Do I need to submit my first three scorecards at once?

No. You can join The Social Golf Club at any time and simply submit your cards as you complete your initial rounds. Once you have submitted scores for 54 holes your Golf Australia handicap will be calculated and you will be notified by email.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.