Tired of running your social golf club the old-fashion way? Calling course after course, chasing your members for confirmations and payment? The Social Golf Club makes running your social golf group easy. With our online group booking and payment system, you can reserve tee-times across some of the best semi-private and public golf courses in Melbourne up to 18 months in advance, giving you the choice of where and when your social group plays. Our system automatically opens registrations 30 day prior to play exclusively for your group members and emails them to reserve their place and pay their green fee. No more chasing your group members for confirmation or their money, our systems does it all.


  1. Reserve tee-times exclusively for your group up to 18 months in advance.
  2. There’s no payment required at the time of booking.
  3. 30 days prior to play your group members receive an email to to remind them to book their place and pay their green fee, all online.


The Social Golf Club offers an easy way to manage your social golf club and your players’ handicaps.

We can assist your social golf club with Tier 1 access into GOLFLink, Golf Australia’s national handicap management system to be able to handicap your members on your social club rounds.

There is no need to send your scorecards in and wait for them to be processed to update your players’ handicaps. Many of our associated courses offer ‘on the day’ processing of your scores so that your players’ handicaps will be updated automatically at the end of the day. We also offer you the chance to upload your players’ score to GOLFLink yourself when required.

Using the national handicap system provides your social club with the fairest way to run your competition rounds, as all players are using a handicap which reflects their current form.

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