Pennant - Round 4

Round 4 and the final round of qualifying was held at Patterson River Golf Club. 13 of the 16 teams were still on the hunt for a berth in the top 8 and to advance through to the knockout rounds. So many matches were close with 14 of the 32 matches going down to the last hole and another 9 matches going to the 16th hole. In the end, the 8th spot was decided by individual contents won over the 4 rounds. Thank you to the 8 teams we bid to farewell to and we look forward to seeing you back next year. 


Whale PodSQNOB’s 
Jesse Birrelllost toGeorge Quine2up
Brendan MorrisdefBrendan Mutimer1up
Paul LizzaSQJesse SmithSQ
Matthew RawlingsSQDonald McDonaldSQ
Dr Bengianni’s ArmyLost toThe Bunnies 
Greg Knowleslost toWayne McInerney1up
Ben PizziranidefJarrod Thorp4&2
Nicholas FalluSQJarrod CondonSQ
Adam Borensztajnlost toSimon Wilkinson4&3
PretendersDefKen Dodd’s Dogs Dead 
Barry YoungdefJonathon McNamara4&3
Eric Dunnlost toAdam Smith1up
Mark MercuriSQAndy LloydSQ
Paul MurraydefDuncan Bullard5&4
Chelsea Heights DemonsSQSGCC1 
Adam Smithlost toZhaodong Wang10&8
Stephen Brycelost toHong Yang2&1
David FreneydefKan Lin4&2
Bryan AitkendefZhaohua Wu7&6
The MEGGDefChelsea Heights Red 
Pei ChangdefDaniel Schmidt7&6
Heng Leelost toAlan Goulden2&1
Jin WangdefMark Trebilco2up
Xiaogang FudefGreg Mulvogue2&1
Chelsea Heights BlueDefSGCC2 
Alan SchmidtdefWei Guo1up
John Toombslost toJianjun Zhu1up
Clinton KingSQBill GuSQ
John SymedefLixin Wang3&2
WhakkpharquersDefLeave It In 
James Boweslost toMatthew Wilson3&2
Neil WallerdefRob Saunders7&5
Michael BodmandefNoel Boyd1up
Dean ClaytondefDale Batchelor10&8
It’s DormieLost ToRed Aces 
Jarrod Dawsonlost toAlastair Caskie2up
Jye Goodmanlost toShaun Williams3&2
Phillip Witherslost toBen Zigouras5&4
Scott Dimitrioulost toAlex Adams3&2
STANDINGS (after Round 4)
The Bunnies3.51034
Whale Pod3924
The MEGG2.59.547
Ken Dodd’s Dogs Dead21035
It’s Dormie2847
Chelsea Heights Blue27.541
Red Aces1.58.545
Chelsea Heights Demons15.530
Dr Bengianni’s Army1.57.522
Leave It In1.56.533
Chelsea Heights Red03.57