Pennant - Round 2

Round 2 this year was held at a new venue for our Pennant season, Mornington Golf Club and conditions were perfect. City and bay views combined with some good and some not so good golf. This year is looking like being very tight and the 8 teams that advance to the knockout rounds might only be decided by the number of holes up and won.

Mark Mercurilost toBill Gu4&2
Eric Dunnlost toLixin Wang3&1
Barry YoungdefJohn Liu7&5
John GenogloudefWei Guo1up
Leave It IndefNOB’s 
Dale BatchelordefChris Godsell6&5
Matthew Wilsonlost toBrendan Mutimer1up
Rob SaundersdefAndrew Miriams1up
Chris O’ConnorSqAlex IshchenkoSq
WhakkpharquersSQThe MEGG 
Dean ClaytondefJack Fu6&4
Michael BodmandefHeng Lee4&3
Neil Wallerlost toPei Chang4&2
Adam Kellylost toDavid Guo2up
Ken Dodd’s Dogs Deadlost toThe Bunnies 
Ivan Cindriclost toWayne McInerney3&1
Frank JugovicdefJarrod Thorp2&1
Andy Lloydlost toJarrod Condon2&1
Scott RyansqSimon Wilkinsonsq
Chelsea Heights DemonsSQIt’s Dormie 
Mark HandleydefTristan Verhoef2&1
Stephen BrycedefScott Dimitriou4&3
David Freneylost toPhillip Withers3&2
Paul Richardsonlost toJarrod Dawson4&3
Chelsea Heights BlueSQRed Aces 
John SymedefAlex Adams5&4
Cinton KingdefDamien O’Donoghue6&4
Alan Schmidtlost toShaun Williams3&2
John Toombslost toAlastair Caskie6&4
Chelsea Heights Redlost toWhale Pod 
Greg MulvoguedefJesse Birrell1up
Mark FanningsqBrendan Morrissq
Daniel Schmidtlost toPaul Lizza4&2
Steven Keilylost toMatthew Rawlings2up
SGCC1defDr Bengianni’s Army 
Zhaohua WusqGreg Knowlessq
Zhadong Wanglost toBen Pizzirani4&3
Hong YangdefNicholas Fallu2&1
Jennifer WudefAdam Borensztajn3&2
STANDINGS (after Round 2)
It’s Dormie1.5632
Leave It In1.54.524
The Bunnies1.54.514
Whale Pod1.54.514
Ken Dodd’s Dogs Dead14.58
Chelsea Heights Blue1430
Chelsea Heights Demons1425
The MEGG0.53.511
Dr Bengianni’s Army0.53.510
Red Aces0.5323
Chelsea Heights Red01.51